milkyWith many Winter milk herds in the thick of calving and Spring milk herds putting plans in place for calving 2016, please take a few minutes to view Southern Milling’s Calf rearing Brochure.

At Southern Milling the team of highly qualified nutrionists have developed a unique complex of nutrients in the form of Rume-thrive to maximise performance of your young and growing herd. The newborn calf is your future herd and that is why it is critical to get the nutrition right from the off.

Maximising calf development and growth is of critical importance to the profitability of your farm system whether that be breeding of replacement heifers to calve at 24 months or rearing of bull calves for intensive finishing. The correct nutrition of the calf both up to and after weaning will play a vital role in achieving target growth weights.

To compliment our feed range at Southern Milling, we are delighted to launch Milkistart to our customers.

Milkistart is Southern Millings own brand milk replacer formulated and manufactured to the highest standards. Milkistart is fortifi­ed with a blend of nutritional ingredients designed to enhance nutrient uptake leading to better growth and healthier calves.

23% protein supplied by quality protein sources with the correct balance of amino acids, quality oils and fats, ideal to promote muscle and mammary gland growth.

Milkistart is easily mixed and provides the nutritional requirements for a healthy growing calf.

SouthernMilling Calf Rearing brochure


Please do not hesitate to seek advice from your Southern Milling feed advisor in order to formulate a suitable calf and heifer rearing program for your farm.