Producing pig feed that delivers top performance in terms of daily gain and food conversion efficiency is high priority for Southern Milling. This is achieved from consistently using top quality ingredients, rigorous quality control and applying the knowledge and expertise from experienced nutritionists.

Southern Milling offers the complete range of pig feeds from Starter diets to Weaner to Finisher, along with Gilt, and Sow Feeds. Manufacturing the entire range on site is a unique feature of pig feed Compounders today.
As pigs are monagastric, the highest quality wheat is always sourced and is the cornerstone in all high performance pig diets. Meal and pellet options of feed are available to meet the production systems in the modern piggeries.

Pig Feeds by Category

Category Brand Name
Starter Creep Maxistart
Link Feed Turbo 2
Weaner Diets Maxi Piglet / Turbo Piglet
Fattener Diets Maxigrade / Turbo Pig Finisher / Late Finisher
Dry Sow Feed Sow Breeders
Lactating Sow Maxelac
Gilt Feed Gilt Feed

The following chart gives an approximate weight for age and feed consumed for the young pig. Assuming weaned from sow at 25 – 27 days of age at 7½kg and been fed Maxistart from day 10 in the farrowing house.

Product Amount (Kg) Wt of Pig (Kg) Age of Pig
Maxistart 2kg 7½ – 10kg 25 – 35 Days
Turbo 2 7 – 9kg 10 – 16kg 35 – 56 Days
Turbo Piglet 40 – 45kg 16 – 35kg 56 – 84 Days
Turbo Pig Finisher 170 – 180kg 35 – 100kg 84 – 170 Days

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