QUALITY  CONTROLFacilities/Fleet

AllĀ feeds manufactured by Southern Milling are made at our state of the art milling facility at the Marina Mills, Cork. Milling facilities are upgraded on a regular basis to cater for an ever increasing volume while maintaining our very high standards for quality feeds. This ensures that production costs are always pinned to a level at which the company can maintain it’s vital competitive advantage so that farmers can source their animals feed at the best possible price.

Southern Milling feeds are manufactured to the strictest quality control standardsĀ of our Department of Agriculture HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) procedure plan. The HACCP plan closely examines each stage of the feed production system to ensure optimum animal feed quality and traceability.Raw materials and finished products are tested on a regular basis on the guidelines of the HACCP plan.Southern Milling facilites and milling plant has been fully approved by UFAS.The mill is also licensed by the Department of Agriculture for the manufature of medicated perscription feeds.


High Fertility Dairy Range 2018

After what has been an extremely challenging spring on both man and beast, now is not the time to be compromising your dairy cow with breeding season upon us. Southern Milling Ltd are brand leaders for high quality dairy feeds. Our broad range of consistently, top... read more