After what has been an extremely challenging spring on both man and beast, now is not the time to be compromising your dairy cow with breeding season upon us.

Southern Milling Ltd are brand leaders for high quality dairy feeds. Our broad range of consistently, top performing diets have gained an unchallenged reputation for success among generations of Irish dairy farmers.

Milk yield and composition, along with the cow’s health and fertility status are the key areas that need to be considered when formulating a dairy ration. Improved herd fertility plays an important role in overall profitability. Correct inclusion of minerals and vitamins is essential to achieve good conception rates.

Southern Milling’s High Fertility Dairy Range is heavily fortified with all the minerals which are so essential for the health and fertility of the dairy herd. These minerals are available to the cow in a protected form, which allow for efficient absorption into blood stream. Protected trace minerals are four or five times more available to the animal than conventional minerals.

Supergraze High Fertility Nuts

Hi Fertility Breeder Supreme Dairy Nut


Features of Southern Millings High Fertility Range

  • Maize is first in list of Raw Materials giving you a high energy feed.
  • Contains an Ammonia Absorber to decrease blood urea levels and embryo loss due to high ammonia levels from grazed grass.
  • 20mg per cow Biotin when fed at 4kg. Improves hoof health and hoof hardness and also aids milk production at this level of inclusion.
  • Protected Zinc as an aid to prevent lameness and help hoof health.
  • Contains 4 sources of copper including protected copper giving better absorption of copper thus aiding fertility
  • Contains high levels of minerals to aid fertility
  • Contains a bio available selenium in the form of Sel-saf which improves herd health and fertility.
  • Contains the full rate of Yeast when fed at 4kg, helps prevent SARA (Subacute Rumen Acidosis by buffering the rumen when grazing lush spring grass