Southern Milling is the market leader in the animal feed business, and has developed its high performance reputation from:

  • Quality Feeds delivering a high Daily Gain.
  • Technical advice by qualified nutritionists.
  • Supplying High Bushel wheat and barley based feeds.
  • Quality raw materials are sourced at all times.
  • Formulating beef feeds rich in essential Minerals and Vitamins.
  • Prompt and Reliable delivery service.

Southern Milling manufactures specialised Balancers for: Alkalage, Whole Crop Wheat, Crimped Cereals, Fodder and Sugar Beet.

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High Fertility Dairy Range 2018

After what has been an extremely challenging spring on both man and beast, now is not the time to be compromising your dairy cow with breeding season upon us. Southern Milling Ltd are brand leaders for high quality dairy feeds. Our broad range of consistently, top... read more