• All the raw materials used by Southern Milling Ltd are of the highest standard, with every consignment delivered being sampled and examined to ensure it complies with our high standards and meets the requirements set out in our HACCP plan.
  • The raw materials are routinely tested in the laboratory to ensure that their analysis is within our tight tolerance.
  • This gives Southern Milling the confidence of using of the same high quality grain across all species.
  • To ensure the highest quality and traceability of its feeds Southern Milling Ltd only source raw materials from approved suppliers who operate to the highest standards.
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barleyA very important ingredient that runs through almost all our feeds, has a protein average of 9%-11%. A high energy ingredient in the form of starch 57%, making it very fermentable for the ruminant animal. In pig and poultry diets it also offers a high energy component to the feed

Starch: 57%

Sugars: 10%

Protein: 9.5 %

NDF: 7%

Ash: 7%

Oil: 13%

UFL: 1.00

UFV: 1.00


wheat 2High energy ingredient and useful when increasing milk protein protein levels in early lactation.contains high levels of gluten, a readily fermentable carbohydrate

Starch: 67%

Sugars: 4%

Protein: 13%

NDF: 12%

Ash: 2%

Oil: 2%




maizeHigh in undegradable starch thus high in energy, widely used in a huge range of our feeds

Protein: 8%

Oil: 4%


Ash: 1.15%

Distillers Dark Grains

dark grainA product of the ethanol production in the U.S. High in good quality protein and fibre which is well digestable to ruminants. A high energy, mid protein feed which is reasonably undegraded in the rumen. Low in starch due to its extraction in the brewing process and has the highest energy value of all the distillers grains, being higher in oil than barley distillers grains.

Starch: 4.5%

Sugars: 5.5%

Protein: 28%

NDF 44.5%

Ash 4.9%

Oil: 12%

Maize Gluten

glutenDerived from the wet milling of maize to extract starch for ethonal/alcohol production in the U.S. The Maize seed is rich in starch 60-70% being found mainly in the endosperm. The grain is then steeped in a mild sulphurous acid solution for 36-46 hours, this soften the kernel and releases the protein. The steep liquor is removed to make corn steep liquor and the fibre is pelleted with it to make maize gluten.

Has a protein of 20% with reasonable energy value, and very good digestibility.

Starch: 22%

Sugars: 3.5%

Protein: 21.5%

NDF: 42.5%

Ash 6.5%

Oil: 4%

Soya Bean Meal

soyaSoya beans when crushed produce 3 main products; oil meal and hulls. The remainder is then heated and flaked. The oil is extracted and the remainder in toasted to reduce anti-nutritional factors and expel remaining solvents. Soya bean meal is the best quality protein source widely used in our feeds. It is high in protein, energy, and has a good amino acid profile being high in lysine. 95% of the nitrogen present is true protein, making it ideal for all livestock.

Starch: 5%

Sugars: 11%

Protein: 55%

NDF: 13%

Ash: 6.5%

Oil: 2.5%

Rape Seed Meal

rape seedA high protein, good energy feed from the oil seed rape production.

Protein: 34%

Oil: 2.5%

Fibre: 12%

Ash: 7%

Soya Hulls

soya hullBy product obtained during dehulling process. Is a very good source of digestible fibre with average protein and reasonable energy levels.

Starch: 5%

Sugars: 9%

Protein: 11.6%

NDF: 67.5%

Ash: 4.5%

Oil: 2.4%

Wheat Feed

wheat feedBy product of flour manufacture. Source of fibre in feeds

Protein: 15%

Oil: 4%

Fibre: 9%

Ash: 4.8%

Palm Kernal Meal

kernalBy product of palm oil manufacture from Malaysia and Indonesia, An important source of fibre used in ruminants diets and moderate source of protein.

Protein: 16.5%

Crude Fibre: 18.5%

Ash: 4.5%

NDF: 58%

Starch 1%

Sugars 1.5%

Oil: 8.5%

Sunflower Seed Extractions

sunflowerReasonably good source of protein, is also high in fibre. Well suited to ruminant diets as it can help to reduce acidocis by its fibre contribution.

Protein: 28%

Crude Fibre: 22%

Ash: 6.5%

NDF: 33%

Starch: 3.3%

Oil: 2.4%

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