IMG_0324With the housing period fast approaching, farmers are considering the options available to them for finishing cattle.

With this in mind Southern Milling have formulated a high quality finishing ration which is competitivly priced and includes a unique additive to optimise feed conversion efficiency.

Southern Millings Premium Beef Finisher Nut:

  • High Energy 13% Beef nut to promote maximum live weight gain
  • Optimum levels of maize and barley included to achieve excellent confirmation and kill out %.
  • Fully fortified with minerals and vitamins to optimize animals health status
  • Suitable for ad lib feeding systems with adequate levels of digestible fibre to ensure against digestive upsets.
  • Contains Boostar Tonic, a natural feed additive proven with extensive research to increase daily live weight gain and optimize feed conversion.

SM Boostar Tonic

SM Premium Beef Finisher

Please contact your local Southern Milling sales representative with any queries.