With calving 2018 nearly upon us, Dairy farmers should remember it is vital that  freshly calved cows are fed a high energy ration to meet their dietary requirements. Consideration should also be given to silage quality and quantities and that grassland is wetter than normal for those who intend to turnout cows post calving.

Here at Southern Milling we recommend our Milkosol 18 dairy nut:

  • Top quality 18% protein nut formulated for high yielding autumn and spring calving dairy cows.
  • High energy content to meet the requirements of the early lactation cow on both grass and silage.
  • Tailored to maximise milk output whilst keeping cow body condition score intact allowing cows to go back in calf.
  • MEGALAC incorporated to increase the energy content of the concentrate. Megalac has been shown to improve body condition in high producing dairy cows in early lactation which improves fertility and helps to increase milk protein %.
  • Optimum levels of Hi pro Soya included, maximising milk output.
  • Yeast included to minimise the incidence of metabolic disorders that may otherwise occur in high performing dairy cows.
  • Formulated with high levels of protected minerals, vitamins and trace elements to improve cow health.
  • Protected Zinc and Biotin incorporated in this ration to help hoof condition and reduce occurrence of lameness.

Southern Milling Premium Feeds

Southern Milling Ltd are brand leaders for high quality dairy feeds. Our broad range of consistently, top performing diets have gained an unchallenged reputation for success among generations of Irish dairy farmers.