Here at Southern Milling, we are a specialist feed company that supplies Dairy, Beef, Pig, Sheep and Poultry feeds throughout Munster, from its mill based in Cork. Experienced nutritionists formulate branded products, which deliver top results on farm in terms of milk yield, milk solids, cow fertility and general health.

The silage and forage on farm can be evaluated and balanced with the appropriate feed, and Munch Balancer. This nutritional service will deliver the expected output and maintain the cows body condition score (BCS).

The reputation of Southern Milling Beef Feeds is in the premier division, where bulls fed ad lib, gain in excess of 2kg/day daily liveweight gain (DLG) with excellent kill out %, and meeting the grading and fat score required to maximise financial returns.

Premium quality minerals and vitamins and select additives are included to boost animal health and rumen efficiency. These help maximise output and improve farm profitability. Extremely high standards are adhered to in sourcing the raw materials. This is the cornerstone to the high performance you can expect when using the finished product on farm from Southern Milling.

When your goal is to maximise your farm output, spending your moneyon inputs that will give the greatest return is the obvious decision.

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