Supergraze High Fertility Nut is a high energy 16% protein nut specially formulated to increase milk yield and protein, while also boosting reproductive performance.

Breeder Supreme is a 14% protein nut best suited to a high yeilding dairy cow grazing lush swards.

These feeds contain:

  • High levels of maizem meal to increase energy density and to complement the sugars in grass
  • An ammonia grabber, included to reduce risk of embryonic mortality associated with excessive blood urea levels in cows grazing lush grass
  • Protected copper and selenium to aid fertility.
  • Protected zinc and biotin to improve hoof health and reduce lameness.
  • Megalac to reduce bodyweight lossand the impact of negative energy balance.

They also contain ActiSaf which is shown to:

  • Improves fibre digestion
  • Supports strong yields of butterfat and protein
  • Improves dung consistency
  • Enhances production of glucose precursor in the rumen for fertility and yield
  • Stabilises rumen pH decreasing the risk of sub acute rumen acidosis ( SARA) at grass, maintaining milk yield